Pittsburgh Powder Coat Color Options

Matching Your Corporate Branding Colors

Our Colors

The color options for powder coating are almost endless! We use several different suppliers, all of which have different powder coating colors. What’s unique about powder coating is that you aren’t just limited to simple solid colors. There are many options with textures, veins, and hammertone effects.

In addition to those there are thousands of colors with beautiful metallic flakes to add that special flare to each piece. If the metallic aren’t something you’re interested in but what a shiny deep color, we can use a translucent or candy color powder coating to give it that extra “pop”. This process involves us laying down a base coat of a “chrome” or silver like color, then applying the translucent color to the top. This creates a deep candy effect in the powder coating and really makes it shine. Different colors can always be layered as well to create to create a perfectly unique finish that will make everyone admire it.

We can also create wording or logos made entirely of powder coating as well. If you want your company logo embossed in your products we can do that with almost any color of your choose. Getting them put In powder coating ensures a long lasting impression that won’t wear off.

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